Explore Exclusive Media Partnership Opportunities at the Automation Expo 2024 Roadshow in Chennai.

Maximize your exposure at the Automation Expo 2024 Roadshow in Chennai with Industrial Automation Magazine. Explore exclusive media partnership opportunities to showcase your brand to industry leaders worldwide.


Welcome to Industrial Automation Magazine, the Official Media Partner of Automation Expo 2024! As the 12th Best Industrial Automation Magazine in the World, we offer unparalleled visibility and exposure for your brand.

Partnering with us offers a Multitude of benefits

  • Increased Visibility among Industry Professionals

  • Access to a Global Audience

  • Association with a Top-Ranked Industrial Magazine

  • Multi-Channel Promotion


Mr Damodar Sahu

Thank you for promoting Industrial Automation technologies.
I found it a great way to connect with manufacturers suppliers researches. Keep doing the good work


Mr Ramnath Mani

The finest and oldest magazine, Industrial Automation in India. It has kept pace with technology. The vision of its founder,
Mr Arokia swamy is being implemented. Meticulously be fitting the readers and users of this magazine

Choose from a variety of Advertising options tailored to suit your needs

  • Print Ads

  • Digital Ads

  • Sponsored Content

  • Event Sponsorships

Why advertise with us during Autoamtion Expo 2024 Roadshow?

  • Significance in the Industry

  • Large Attendance of Key Decision-Makers

  • Prime Opportunity to Connect with Industry Leaders

  • Stand out among competitors.

  • Reach a diverse, International audience.

  • 3000 Copies Distributed to Trade Visitors

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and many more......

Ready to elevate your brand at Automation Expo 2024 Roadshow?


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